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Irrefutably successful companies rely on consultants to increase their bottom line and gain competitive edge of their competitors.

The diversity of services and expertise we have to offer, allows our clients to expedite success at a fraction of the cost of other consulting companies.

4 Key Areas We Focus On



Focusing on the staff and clients that drive the company.


Draws our attention to the ability of the product, whether material or information, to meet customer demands and expectations.


Focuses on product development and provides a picture of process predictability and stability.


The measurement of pre and post changes.


We understand that keeping clients and potential customers happy is the most important aspect of business.

By focusing on keeping our clients and potential customers happy, Immediate ROI Consultants is 98% referral based.

With virtually unlimited resources we look forward to serving you and delivering you the results your company needs to prosper.


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Project History

Our consultants, project managers, web and application developers, and creative team have extensive diverse backgrounds; worked with thousands of small businesses; and have been fortunate to work with some of the top companies in the world.